Testimonials from Clients

Lovely words from the incredible clients I get to support with readings & mentorship

Reading Testimonials:

Shelby’s gift is amazing

My Mom and I had a reading with Shelby recently. Instantly, Shelby started to relay personal information to us which was so emotional and spot on! Shelby’s energy is so calming and peaceful, it immediately put us at ease. The reading went by so quickly and left us wanting more! Shelby’s gift is amazing. Thank you Shelby for sharing it with us and helping us hear the messages we needed to hear!

~ Dana
Long Island, NY

comforting & kind

Shelby, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH for today! Your messages not only answered lingering questions for 9 years but started a healing and forgiving process that would never have happened. I have been to many mediums and always left feeling unfinished or empty. You not only were spot on, but so comforting and kind. I don’t think I will go to another medium after you… honestly. I will absolutely tell my friends and acquaintances about our experience. Thank you from all of us, from the bottom of our hearts.

~ Kim K.
Nassau County, NY

Shelby was on point

From the minute I met Shelby, I felt comfortable in her presence. I went into this reading with no expectations but hoping to connect with some of my loved ones that passed on. I was amazed how Shelby connected with my loved ones. Information she passed on to me so specific, only me and that other person could know. I have been to other psychics/mediums however, Shelby was on point. To me, this reading was a beautiful gift to be able to connect with my loved ones I miss so much. I left having more clarity and at peace. Look forward to returning in the future!

~ D. Anselmo
Long Island, NY

an amazing loving healing experience

I recently had a reading with Shelby. From the first moment of speaking with Shelby I felt completely comfortable and at ease. She made a connection to an old old friend that accidentally passed before his time. With all my relatives that have passed he was the last person I had ever expected to come through. Not only did she reconnect me with him and gave me specific signs that it was him but she delivered me two messages for two of his other friends that need healing. It was an amazing loving healing experience that brought joy to so many. Shelby has an amazing gift and I am thankful for the reading.

~ Liz
Massapequa, NY

very good & gifted

Shelby is very good and gifted. She astonished me with her ability to connect to the other side and give many very accurate details and validations. She is truly amazing!!

~ Nadine
New York

thank you for easing my heart

Shelby, Thank you for easing my heart by connecting with my dad and cousin to whom no one has to date connected with. It is a relief that they are at peace. Your ability to separate individual spirit is wonderful, particularly when so many wanted attention, and I might add got in due time.

~ Arlene O.
Huntington, NY

a kind, gentle & loving manner

Dear Shelby, It was such an honor to meet with you. I really enjoyed our time together. In addition to being an exceptional channel for the communication between myself and my parents, you do it in such a kind, gentle & loving manner.

I know my parents are with me and I feel they ‘answer’ me when I ask them to. However, it is such a gift to be on the receiving end of a reading with you and have those feelings validated.

Thank you for sharing these blessings of my life. I truly appreciate you dear Shelby. God bless.

~ Linda

my reading came to fruition

Hi Shelby. Everything communicated during my reading came to fruition and then some. I wanted to share the video of my niece singing on Mom’s deck. While I was putting the album together, I saw angel wings in the sliding door behind my niece (that is where Mom’s kitchen is). Thank you again.

~ Lori

positive & compassionate

Your reading was Awesome and Authentic! I can’t thank you enough for the reading you gave my wife and me. It was amazing that my son came through and provided such specific evidence that no one could have known. Your message was very positive and compassionate. You are truly gifted and we are grateful for you, and for the guidance you provided to help us on our healing journey. You have also inspired me to continue to improve my spiritual ability. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful gift! Thank you Shelby!

~ Victor

Mentorship Testimonials:

I feel a lot more confident

Could not have asked for any better experience than what I had with Shelby when I went through my mentorship! I came in with sort of a brief understanding of my intuition and trying to understand my visions better. She absolutely helped me tune in to my other senses, and work with all of my tools available to me instead of just relying on visions. It feels like my intuition has taken more shape after my mentorship. I feel a lot more confident, and trusting with my intuition. And it feels like I can get more concise messages. 100% recommend!

~ Amy Mae Lou

thank you for all your help in my spiritual journey

I just want to say thank you for all your help in my spiritual journey! You have made me feel, and see spirit in a different way. Learning how spirit will come to me, and knowing that it is the spirit of someone’s loved one, instead of my psychic ability. To feel the difference. I feel that you expand my ability and my development to become a medium. I feel confident knowing the difference in the way spirit comes to me now. I am still a work in progress, but you challenged me to see what I am capable of, and for that I thank you!

This is a new chapter in my life that I am discovering, and I am allowing spirit to take me on this journey. I know that spirit chose you to work with me!

~ Buffy

taught me so much through the mentorship

Shelby truly helped change my life. I met her at a group reading I attended at a friend’s home and she was spot on telling me things about myself, I knew deep within.

I have always felt intuitive but never quit trusted my intuition. Afterwards she mentioned to me that she offers private mentorship and right away I knew this was for me. I finally trusted my intuition and quickly signed up. We discussed personal things she and helped me to understand what I’ve always felt-being an empath and picking up on others feelings. She took the time explaining why I’ve always had anxiety too. This alone has helped me. I didn’t think I had mediumship skills but Shelby helped me to unfold that ability within me, understanding that I was sensing spirit around me. She has taught me so much through the Mentorship, working on my skills and finding new ones I didn’t know I have. Shelby is very warm and kindhearted and made me feel very comfortable when I doubted myself. She helped guide me and gave me the confidence I needed. She answered all the additional questions I had even when our mentorship was over. I have learned and gained so much within myself because of her individual teaching and undivided attention that she offers.

~ Glenn C.

I highly recommend doing private mentoring

I am so grateful to have been able to work with Shelby privately. She challenged me in ways I didn’t expect and I am very happy she did! She was very informative and made every class fun and exciting. I always looked forward to working with her. She pushed me in a way that pulled me out of my box but she never made me feel uncomfortable. I would not be on the path that I am on without her and I owe her more than I could ever give her. I highly recommend doing private mentoring with her, I know I will be signing up again!

~ Caitlin K.

opened my mind to more possibilities

Taking the private mentorship sessions with Shelby has opened my eyes to see more around me, opened my mind to more possibilities of reaching my highest spiritual self and opened my heart to love in working with spirit with confidence in understanding messages.

Thank you again for this enlightening experience.

~ Merri

so much growth within myself

I began working with Shelby last year. Through her teaching and guidance, I have learned to blend with spirit on a deeper level. She has taught me how to understand Spirit communication in knowing what I’m seeing, hearing, sensing and feeling which has helped me to expand my mediumistic abilities. Her way of taking the time to understand and help me with my confidence and push me out of my comfort has aloud for so much growth within myself that I since have been taking additional classes with her. Thank you Shelby for helping me on my journey.

~ Lisa N.

my life changed for the better

I cannot thank you enough for all that mentoring with you has done for me. Not only was I able to tap into a gift I had no idea that I had, my eyes were opened to a whole other world full of love, support, and guidance both from people still here and those that have passed on. I am a completely different person than I was when I started classes with you and am so grateful not only for all the knowledge I received but mostly the support for all other parts of my life while we were together. Not only did you provide techniques and support but also advice on how to better listen to myself and my guides and trust that the universe has a big and perfect plan for me. My life changed for the better in the six short weeks that I spent learning from you and I am forever grateful to you for it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~ Laura

you meet me where I am

Thank you so much for your support and teaching! I really appreciate how you were so flexible in the One on One Mentoring Program to meet me where I am. I learned so much about myself and the psychic real which is so new and different. I also appreciated how you pushed me into areas where I wasn’t that comfortable, which was needed. You are an amazingly talent person and I hope to continue to remain in touch as we both continue our journeys to help and heal, wherever they may take us.

~ Melanie

a gifted medium & a wonderful mentor

Finding Shelby as a mentor for mediumship development was one of the greatest blessings I’ve received on my journey as a developing medium. Not only were each of the sessions one on one, they were personalized and tailored to fit me and where I was each time we met. Shelby’s feedback and guidance, in real time sessions and on recorded practice sessions, were invaluable growth oriented and encouraging. I am so thankful to Shelby – she is a gifted medium and a wonderful mentor.

~ Meghanne S.

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