Readings with Shelby

whether connecting with you or connecting with you & your loved ones, my intention is for healing and comfort to take place

About readings

readings are about healing & connection

Scheduling a reading can leave you feeling anxious and excited. Especially if it's your first time and you don't know what to expect. I get it! People often wonder, will my loved ones show up and what will be said?

Let me help to put your mind at ease. Whether you come for a mediumistic reading or a life reading, My intention is for healing purposes, helping you to feel at peace and leaving you feeling lighter than before you came to me.


Actually, it’s both! During our session together, I focus on what's in the greatest need for you, whether that be connecting with your loved ones and/or tuning into your personal life.

Private Readings

one on one mediumship readings with Shelby


A private reading creates an intimate environment between myself and the client. This is an opportunity to connect and receive messages from loved ones in the spirit world and/or personal guidance.

If you wish to include a family member you’ll have the option when you schedule. You can add on up to two additional attendees to join your private reading, it’s recommended that they be related to you.

Private readings are offered at my office or via Zoom or Facetime.

Yes, of course! You may schedule up to three people to attend your session, however I would encourage that you are all looking to hear from the same family members.

this reading was a beautiful gift

From the minute I met Shelby, I felt comfortable in her presence. I went into this reading with no expectations but hoping to connect with some of my loved ones that passed on. I was amazed how Shelby connected with my loved ones. Information she passed on to me so specific, only me and that other person could know. I have been to other psychics/mediums however, Shelby was on point. To me, this reading was a beautiful gift to be able to connect with my loved ones I miss so much. I left having more clarity and at peace. Look forward to returning in the future!

~ D. Anselmo
Long Island, NY

Group Readings

bring your friends or family for a shared reading

Group Readings are an opportunity for a group of friends and/or family to gather together and receive messages from loved ones in the spirit world and/or personal guidance.

In person group readings are held with gatherings either in your home or the privacy of my office. Online group readings are also available for the convenience and comfort of your family and friends. Online readings are a great option if some of your group is out of state.

A minimum of twelve is required for group readings.
If you have fewer guests, please see the FAQ below.


In most cases everyone gets read, however not everyone is guaranteed a reading. I have no control over who will come forward or what they will want to say. However I strive to do my best to make sure that everyone walks away feeling the presence of their loved ones around them.



truly amazing

Shelby is very good and gifted. She astonished me with her ability to connect to the other side and give many very accurate details and validations. She is truly amazing!!

~ Nadine
New York