One to One Mentorship

for those that prefer independent studies & prefer a more exclusive setting

Are you looking to develop and advance your mediumship?

Are you needing support and guidance with your mediumship?

Are you looking to build your self confidence using your intuition?

This program is for you, whether you are in the beginning stages of your journey or have had prior experience!

How does it work?

the details of one on one mentorship

This is a six week private one to one mentorship program that is structured to each individual’s needs and goals. Within these six weeks we will work, focus and strengthen on all aspects of your mediumship development.

Private mentorship offers personalized attention that's focused on your specific goals & experiences while helping to strengthen your skills. Private mentorship also allows our meetings to be worked around your schedule, within our six week commitment.

We will begin with your complimentary consult, which is 15 minutes. This will allow us to discuss your specific needs and goals as well as choosing a day and time for us to meet weekly.

The following sessions are one hour long and will be held via Zoom where we will meet weekly. In addition to these weekly lessons and exercises, there will be homework assignments.


To get started book your complimentary consult, where we will discuss your goals and schedule your first mentorship session!

The mentorship fee is $1250.
Payment options are available.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced medium, private mentorship can benefit you & support your growth! My ideal in helping you is to push you out of your comfort zone and support you as you grow into the next phase of your development.

For beginners: If you have been sensing, hearing, and feeling or just know things without understanding how, I can help you deepen your understanding. It can be very confusing not being able to understand the emotions you are experiencing and I'd love to help you get started.

For intermediate: If you have some prior experience with mediumship, psychic, & intuition and are looking to further develop your abilities, I'd love to help! We'll focus on practicing and work on a better understanding of how to connect with yourself and those in the spirit world.

For advanced: This is for those that are working professionally or would like to. In this mentorship we will focus on your greatest desires and where you're struggling. This could be deepening your skills as a medium or working on the business aspects of being a professional medium.

Book your complimentary consult & get started with private mentorship with Shelby!

I feel a lot more confident

Could not have asked for any better experience than what I had with Shelby when I went through my mentorship! I came in with sort of a brief understanding of my intuition and trying to understand my visions better. She absolutely helped me tune in to my other senses, and work with all of my tools available to me instead of just relying on visions. It feels like my intuition has taken more shape after my mentorship. I feel a lot more confident, and trusting with my intuition. And it feels like I can get more concise messages. 100% recommend!

~ Amy Mae Lou