Small Group Mentorship

for those that prefer a small group & more collaborative setting

Are you looking to grow and build your self confidence using your intuition?

Are you receiving messages from Spirit or from your intuition and you’re having a hard time building self-trust to TRUST the messages you’re receiving?

Would you like to help others with your psychic intuition but until you know how to use your gift, you aren’t sure how you can help others?

For this program, it is recommended to have some prior experience in mediumship.

How does it work?

the details of small group mentorship

This is a five week small group mentorship program that is designed for individuals who are looking to connect with their soul, deepen and expand their intuition, and better understand their connection to the spirit world.

This group is intended for those who have prior experience and knowledge of their intuitive abilities. This program is a great fit if you have been feeling led or nudged towards learning to expand with like minded people. It's also a great fit if you have already participated in one on one mentorship.

Whether you are interested in becoming a practicing intuitive medium or simply seeking to use your gifts more effectively in your daily life, I will work with you to help you gain clarity on your path and define your goals.

The sessions are one hour long and will be held via Zoom where we will meet weekly. In addition to these weekly lessons and exercises, there will be homework assignments.


Join us to expand your skills and deepen your knowledge!

The mentorship fee is $650.
Payment options are available.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced medium, small group mentorship can benefit you & support your growth! My ideal in helping you is to push you out of your comfort zone and support you as you grow into the next phase of your development. 

Small group mentorship is a unique opportunity to create community, and a personal and comforting learning environment, with like minded people. Each class is conducted based off of the need of the individuals in that class, this creates a unique journey for each small group allowing everybody to focus on their goals.

For beginners: If you have been sensing, hearing, and feeling or just know things without understanding how, small group mentorship can help you deepen your understanding. You'll have the experience of watching other people work with their intuitive gifts, learning from other's perspectives and questions, and the comfort of sharing space with like minded people.

For intermediate: If you have some prior experience with mediumship, psychic, & intuition and are looking to further develop your abilities, small group mentorship can help you grow. Practicing together allows you to learn from each other as you all grow to better understand the communication of the spirit world and your own intuition. 

For advanced: If you are working professionally or would like to, this is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills and push you further out of your comfort zone. Being a part of the group will allow you to work with multiple people at once, explore the many different ways that spirit communicates, and learn different techniques from others. The group will also help give you the confidence to start professionally practicing or expand your current professional practice.

Ready to join small group mentorship with Shelby?

a gifted medium & a wonderful mentor

Finding Shelby as a mentor for mediumship development was one of the greatest blessings I’ve received on my journey as a developing medium. Not only were each of the sessions one on one, they were personalized and tailored to fit me and where I was each time we met. Shelby’s feedback and guidance, in real time sessions and on recorded practice sessions, were invaluable growth oriented and encouraging. I am so thankful to Shelby – she is a gifted medium and a wonderful mentor.

~ Meghanne S.