From a young age, I had an overwhelming fear of being alone, always sensing that someone was with me.  I constantly thought something was going to happen to me & was continuously looking over my shoulder. As the years went by these feelings started to consume me, causing me to have extreme anxiety.

I decided to learn about Reiki (energy healing). I had no idea my life was about to change. While meditating, I saw an image of someone & heard a voice speak to me. At that moment, I felt a sense of peace & healing take place within me.  I learned that I had been blocking my abilities to communicate with the spirit world. I discovered that the more I surrendered & allowed myself to use my abillity to help others, all my symptoms of fear & anxiety diminished. Through various courses, working with world-renowned mediums, independent studies & personal experiences, I have developed my knowledge & practice. I am always continuing to learn & grow.

Today it is my greatest joy to be able to help others & use my gift of mediumship to serve both the spirit & the physical worlds.