Shelby, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH for today!!  Your messages not only answered lingering questions for 9 years but started a healing  and forgiving process that would never have happened.  I have been to many mediums and always left feeling unfinished or empty. You not only were spot on , but so comforting and kind.. I dont think I will go to another medium after you… honestly. I will absolutely tell my friends and acquaintances about our experience.   Thank you from all of us, from the bottom of our hearts.. we may book you for the whole day next time!!!

Kim K.

My Mom and I had a reading with Shelby recently.  Instantly, Shelby started to relay personal information to us which was so emotional and spot on! Shelby’s energy is so calming and peaceful, it immediately put us at ease.  The reading went by so quickly and left us wanting more!  Shelby’s gift is amazing.  Thank you Shelby for sharing it with us and helping us hear the messages we needed to hear!


From the minute I met Shelby, I felt comfortable in her presence. I went into this reading with no expectations but hoping to connect with some of my loved ones that passed on. I was amazed how Shelby connected with my loved ones . Information she passed on to me so specific, only me and that other person could know . I have been to other psychics/ mediums however, Shelby was on point.  To me , this reading was a beautiful gift to be able to connect with my loved ones I miss so much . I left having more clarity and at peace. Look forward to returning in the future!

D. Anselmo

I would like to recommend and comment on Shelby and her amazing readings. The first reading I received from Shelby was a “practice” session that I volunteered for. She knew nothing about me but my name. She had not known that several weeks earlier, that my mother had passed away from cancer. I of course was skeptical, and was not leading, nor answering, nor validating anything in the beginning. Her first 2 sentences she revealed several facts that I knew immediately that this truly was my mom. I stopped her and started to record the session.

Her accuracy was unbelievably spot on! Shelby gave me a gift that day, of connecting with my mom. I am comforted to know she is alive and well on the other side and her love lives on as well as she is always with me. Again, the information was not general. The things she told was information that only my family and I would know. I was sold then and there!! My second reading, I requested a psychic reading. Shelby explained she works with her guides and whatever comes through is the messages she passes along. Again, Shelby didn’t disappoint. I had a question, a private one, which I’ll save the topic. Again, she gave private details that she would not have known prior to this reading. Again, spot on!! I was and am so blessed to have found the “real deal”!!!! I will be using Shelby from here on as well as my psychic/medium from here on. I will recommend her to anyone and everyone!! Give her a chance! Shelby is the real deal and will not disappoint!! Thanks for listening.

JoanNew Jersey

Shelby is very good and gifted. She astonished me with her ability to connect to the other side and give many very accurate details and validations. She is truly amazing!!

NadineNew York

I recently had a reading with Shelby. From the first moment of speaking with Shelby I felt completely comfortable and at ease. She made a connection to an old old friend that accidentally passed before his time. With all my relatives that have passed he was the last person I had ever expected to come through. Not only did she reconnect me with him and gave me specific signs that it was him but she delivered me two messages for two of his other friends that need healing. It was an amazing loving healing experience that brought joy to so many. Shelby has an amazing gift and I am thankful for the reading.

LizNew York